Nervous as anything over rough sea in Lanzarote

Ive had some fantastic flying here in Lanzarote over the last 10 days and will upload something when i get time to process in to a video.
But after two cafe con leches and flying over some rough sea appprox 100m offshore i could hardly control my thumbs on the controls such was my nervousness.
The combo of coffee and adrenalin really makes me shake, but then when you know there will be NO chance of a recovery if it goes down just adds to it!

But one month in to drone flying im beginning to get the hang if it now. Have met two other Mavic pilots here also. Not Uk though.

It makes SO much difference flying in good light. These guys in the US just dont know how lucky they are compared to UK winter flying.
Two more days then home.


Can’t wait to see what you bring back

its very true our wether in the UK is Rubbish most of the time but we do get some luck good days.

one thing I would do it back up your cards maybe every battery change then your not losing out if it gets lost.

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I think it backs up to the Samsung cloud as far as i can see, as i am able to review the footage on my phone.
I don’t want to over egg the “rough” bit though!
The fact is that I was over some fairly serious waves off a rocky point that would be dangerous to swim in.

I think the chances of finding it would be almost zero and as you say dangerous to try. The key is just to keep high enough out of the waves reach (say 5 or 10m) and you will still get dramatic shots without risking your Mavic. They are very reliable drones so the only real risk of losing it would be a wave or bird strike, or possibly going out too far with the wind and not having enough battery go get back against the wind.

I’ve done loads of flying over water and no longer worry about it, just ensure you leave plenty of battery in reserve and don’t fly too far away.

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Good points

Sounds great @chrissyb :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing some of this footage when you’re back :+1:

A word of caution re this:

What you’re viewing there is a very low-resolution, locally-cached version of your footage. The high res video and photos reside on the MicroSD card inside the bird :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more about the lighting conditions too!

Footage I shoot on a cloudy day vs that taken in bright natural sunlight is worlds apart :neutral_face:

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Ive got to learn how to do the editing yet! I’ve still not got an editing package either.

I also keep finding that when I think I’m videoing im not and when i think im not i am, so i have quite a bit if rubbish to clear out!

Not looking forward to the UK mirk again though