New antenna

Brought 2 new antenna thought id got it right but no :man_facepalming:t2: when delivered they are a male plug the same as my albatross 1s …

Are you able to get Female to Female adapters??

What is this for Nick? Can you not just get a new pigtail with the correct fitting? The more joins you have the more the more potential weak points you have

Its for my vista,not sure if you can ???

Don’t they use ufl connection?

They do but Iv got UFL male to UFL male, so need a twin female connector…

But on looking I may of brought the right ones ?? has unmanned Tech sent the wrong ones ???

Further more Im a battery short on my order

Hi Nick
This looks like you’ve ordered SMA which is much bigger and totally different to uFL


Yeah its the SMA I need as to into the pig tail, all very confusing :weary:

Best send us photos of exactly what you have, including connector on the VTX etc… :slightly_smiling_face:

The connection to the vista is 100% UFL so unless you have a pigtail that will have a UFL on one end (connected to the vista) and a SMA on the other end (that the antenna connects to) you’ll need an antenna that has a UFL connector on it to connect directly to the vista.

Like @Steviegeek said post photos so we can see exactly what you’re talking about :+1:t2:

This is what I have brought

And this is what Im going into

That’s a RP-SMA pigtail.

You should replace it with one of these:

Then your new antennas will fit :+1:t2:


Or get RP-SMA antennas


He’s already brought the SMA antennas so would make more sense to replace the pigtail as it would be cheaper :+1:t2:


Yes… just supplying all the options… he may be able to replace the antennas…

BTW, does anyone know why we have both SMA and RP-SMA? Two annoyingly similar and incompatible connection systems?

So I should of ordered an SMA Female Antenna ?

I use the same one as the but with the mmcx connection. They’re good quality :ok_hand:t2:

No, RP-SMA Antennas…

It’s really confusing. Antennas are always male… but either SMA or RP-SMA.


As Steve says it may be cheaper to replace the pigtail. UFL is UFL… no confusion there.

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Are these ok to use with a Caddx

It’s 5.8 so yeah should be fine :+1:t2:

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