New bee

Hi from st.helens, and a merry Christmas, just got a parrot BEBOP 2 cant wait to try it out.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Gary / @Gazz (I see what you did there. :wink: ), and welcome to GADC.

Specifically, I’m not sure if there are other members with the Bebop … but there are several members with Parrot kit.

Ask away in #questions-and-answers for anything you want to know, and there’ll always be plenty of people willing to assist.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there as yet, but I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown that might be of assistance.:

Hi thanks will put myself on map …


Hello and welcome.

Hello and seasons greets…Beer, fridge, nuts all over the place…you get the picture

In Gary welcome to the madhouse
And we have another northerner get in there

Hi Gazz :wave:
You’ll have to drop me a PM - I’m in St Helens too :+1:
Happy to go through setup with you if want - (I used to have a BeBop2 - Main thing I remember about it was how fast it is!)
Best place locally to fly is Sherdley park - 500m of visibility, lots of separation from built up areas and every walk-up I’ve had has been positive :slight_smile:

Also - if you’re thinking about Public Liability insurance - £19.99 will get you £5million for 12 months cover with these chaps.


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Hi have a good one .

Hi @Gazz and welcome to Grey Arrows mate :+1:t2:

I’m only up the road from you too, I’m in Wigan :smiley:

Hi thanks what do you fly mate ,and is there any where to practice as iv not flown bebop yet only hovered her ? I’m thinking of putting a tracker on it in case i loose it will it knock the balance and make it unstable , hope your having a great christmas and new year …:+1:

What about Pennington Flash mate, are you far from there?

Hi I’m about 20 mins away from there, sounds good when can we go i free sunday or we can when suits .:slightly_smiling_face:

Sunday’s ok check out the chart below
Don’t know how the bebop will handle the windo though what’s the spec say for max wind?

How about 1.30_2.00

Sorry wrong thourt u where pingspike thanks for the weather up date :beer:

Don’t know what winds doing but will keep an eye on it