New Blackpool pilot

Hey all,
Thanks to rich for the invite. Thought I’d come say hi.
New mavic air owner here. Currently less than an hours air time and properly crapping myself when I fly lol!
Loads to learn, trying my best to adhere to the drone code :grin:
Any tips would be welcome!

Here’s a still from one of my flights…



Here’s another couple of stills from yesterday’s footage…


Hey welcome aboard, looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Great shots!
My top tip is, don’t take my advice :joy:

Hi @Japester and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

We’ve all been there mate!

The Mavic Pro was my first ever drone and I spent the first ten flights in Beginner Mode :blush:

Check out the other areas of the forum mate and don’t be shy with asking questions in the Questions & Answers section, there’s a great bunch of people here only too willing to help and advise :+1:

Good to see another North West member! We’re definitely taking over :rofl: