New boy

Hi Guys.

New Mavic owner here.
Have been flying with it for a 3 weeks now in a private field so have Got a few hours under my belt now and Absolutely loving it. Been reading up on the drone code etc and am very weary were to fly now so Im looking for some nice places to fly in Ipswich? any ideas would be much appreciated thanks.




Hi Ash,

Welcome to the only Brits Only Drone Club. Can’t help you with places to fly around Ipswich but I’m sure someone on here will offer some advice.

I’ve had my Mavic for 9 months and love it -at the expense of my Inspire which sells tomorrow. Keep practising, try the various semi-autonomous flights, definitely practice in Atti mode when you feel comfortable, and your pleasure in flying this great little machine will grow greatly.


Welcome to GADC, Ash. Very pleased to have you with us. I think most of us would pay money to have a ‘private field’ to fly in but I understand your ‘weariness’ (or were you just being ‘wary’? :wink: ) at flying in one place. I’m sure you’ll get some help from our great members.

Lol thanks for having me. Yes I suppose I am lucky in some respects as it has helped me with my flying skills. It’s pretty addictive this game. When I’m not flying I spend time studying the app and YouTube. Sad hey.
I’m a self employed carpenter and retained firefighter so the Mavic lives in the cab of my van. If I finish a job early or come back from a shout and have Time I’ll sneak off for a couple batteries worth. Shhhhh domt tell the mrs :grin:

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Haha, you’re not alone. I learnt most of my Mavic - and Spark - knowledge from YouTube vids. And don’t worry, GADC is a safe haven where spousal secrets are concerned. :wink:

Cheers Barry will do. I don’t want to run before I can walk with the Mavic but have been having a blast with it In sports mode. Had a play with a few of the app modes. Point of interest and all that and That’s pretty cool

Excellent. Well I look forward from learning From you guys :+1:

Hi there @Ashmav and welcome to the Grey Arrows :+1:

Ha! I did something similar, just not as private, I used some local woods and scrubland at the crack of dawn! Cut my teeth on beginner mode for a long time before I was brave enough to venture out without my restrictions :blush:

I think we all do that :laughing:

Lost count of the hours of tutorials and promo vids I watched while waiting weeks for my Mavic to arrive. A lot of it was really informative though :slight_smile:

Good to have you on board mate, check out for possible places to fly, and please post some there too :wink:

Welcome aboard mate, Drone Code?? lol i have had my mavic about 3 months now, luckily enough to live on the edge of the countryside with loads of fields… i like fookin with things so have been playin with mods etc… pushin the limits. i come from a RC background (fixed wing and helis ) so not scared of ditching the Bird… " what goes up"… just enjoy it all… and take loads of shots and footage…


Sounds like you know yours stuff. I’m about 5 mins away from the country side but just knowing were I can go were I won’t piss to many people off :grin:

I dont know much just trial and error… IMO, countryside is free reign, check the dji app for NFZ and you should be ok, as long as you dont " Buzz houses or people"… have a look in media you will see my “back yard” i have very poor editing skills and have no idea about photography…Lol

Lol well I have plenty of fields around me so I sopose I’m lucky. I don’t mind if it goes down in a open field. At least I can retrieve it :+1: