New Build 5" Long Range Badger

Built into the GPS module… Maybe not the best location… but not right next to motors (ok near some antennas…

An experiment!

@notveryprettyboy and I experimented with our 7" builds, a mag down there won’t work :frowning_face:

It needs to be above the horizontal plane with los wrt the earth. Even with forward quad tilt. No way around it.

Hmmm… shame… well it’s not changing before it’s maiden

Well it flew really nicely… Really quiet as well!

Not sure about the magnetometer… I’ll look into that further.

A slight incident with one of the TPU shoes… it fell off! This lead to slightly less quiet flying as one of the motors was loose!

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What was the flight time / total distance?

So… That is still not decided yet. I forgot to put the time on the OSD… and then Brendan did powerloops with it…

But still I suspect it’s going to be alright… Just cruising it was reporting about 6 or 7 amps only being used… I had “calibrated” the current meter.

Thats real good. 15 min from a 1500mah?

Yes… I can’t see it being THAT good… but there’s potential.

I do have the black box recording to look at… I’ll have to get that loaded up.

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use washers :+1:t2:

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I’ll try that…
Also I am printing them twice as thick… they were a bit thin before.

It might be worth screwing them down with loctite straight to the arm. Then having the tpu protectors as ‘slip overs’. Only spitballing

Oh… and we did keep on crashing… doh!

It’s worked on my other quads… just with thicker TPU than these had. The model off thingiverse was quite thin.

Anyway, new set now printing.

Just watched the GoPro footage… really smooth… :slight_smile:

Video from the first flight with the GoPro… which ended in a daft crash as I was looking too much at the OSD and not enough at where I was going!

Not quite down at 6 or 7 amps.


Lovely video. Well done mate. Lovely to see another OSD with as much crap on as mine. People comment on mine, lol… I love stats :wink:

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And yet… I’d still missed stuff off it! There was no timer on that…

New improved feet.

Actually a completely different design from thingiverse. Much the same as the ones on my Tadpole HD, but scaled up a bit. The tadpole ones have been really good so far and these also seem like they will never come off… They lap over the top of the arm a bit and even give a bit of motor bell protection.



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Nice smooth video, and looks like a great place to fly !