New DJI flight simulator - Windows PC


Cheaper to buy a PSVR headset for those rainy winter months guys :nerd_face:


You also have to factor in that most people would have to upgrade their graphics cards as well - the program needs a lot of graphics horsepower.


Just downloaded it installed it , upgraded graphics card (£250) to run it and
I isn’t compatible with either Mavic pro or Inspire 1 controllers, Bugger ,even enquired about buying it for work so our irregular flyers can keep currency and DJI haven’t even replied. Anyone got a cheap mavic air controller ???


It runs with my Inspire 1 controller


Had a response from DJI via Heleguy. Says it needs 16Gb RAM, free for 30 days then if you wish to buy £1450!!!



No sale here. I can put that amount of cash to better use


I can nearly buy a bloody Mavic 2 pro for that, why would I want to “Simulate” when I can fly one !!
Correction !, I can buy one cheaper !
Sounds like a time to upgrade @Manty (John)


I know what a dreadful price! Guess its something that the examiners might buy if the rules get any worse!!!




Please tell me they are joking !!


Tried this on my “newish” Alienware M18X Laptop, Pity I can’t connect the controller.


Screen - 18.4" Full HD Display .
Processor - Intel i7 EXTREME 2960XM 4.3ghz per core 8 Threads 4 cores.

RAM - 24GB ( Can upgrade to 32GB Ram)

Storage - Brand New SSD- 240 SSD + 1TB (1000GB)

Graphics cards - Nvidia GTX 580m x 2 IN SLI 4GB GDDR5

Sound - Klipshe sound system - beautiful volume.

Optical Drive - Blu Ray DVD RW - Combo drive.

Operating System - Windows 10 PRO, Restore media included.

Killer WiFi


Gigabit Ethernet

USB 3.0 ports

Dual MIC ports

SP DIF port


Test rendered a short 4K video of 1.5min @ 30fps, it took 20min used to be over 1hr with my Toshiba.


Which controller are you using and why can’t you connect?


I’ve tried the Mavic Pro and Inspire 2, I’din’t see them mentioned other than for Light bridge and Air.


I use the Inspire 1 controller and connect it via USB3 on the PC to the micro USB on the controller.
I also just tried the Mavic Pro controller and it connects but I can’t change the view or seem to get it out of ATTI, it does however fly but you lose sight pretty quickly.


My controllers wouldn’t connect until I installed DJI assistant 2 for phantom 4. This installs the usb driver required ,now works with both the inspire 1 and mavic pro controllers


Same here only atti mode using mavic controller . keeps you on your toes keeping it in one place but perfects flying skill


The trouble is that you can’t fly very far with the Mavic controller before it disappears, it’s nice to be able to scroll through the different views with the Inspire controller.
I’ve only tried it a handful of times but I find myself trying things I would never do in reality.


aha! “New lap top but no DJI assistant on it yet” I’ll reinstall it and try again…:hugs:


ooH!, I got it working with my Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro controllers, I was able to fly allover the city in FPV mode using the Inspire 2 controller; I managed to land on one of the buildings too.

It’s not the best sim I’ve ever used, I’ve got an RC sim from 10 years ago that make this DJI one look like a dinosaur; it’s not worth $800.

I ran it at it’s best resolution and it still feels dated, if they want us to buy this sim they should at least allow full functionality for the trail period, that is if they are holding back,

The flight physics is just pathetic for this day and age of Xbox one, PS4 and some drone racing sims.

My RC sim has the functionality of importing your physical location by taking a panorama of pictures you have take and creating a flight cine.

" I’ll not be investing in it so I’m out "