New DJI Smart Controller


That Hertz!!! … I mean … hurts! :wink:

Until they update the MP to also handle Occusync2, or update the controller to also handle Occusync1 … my money should be safe.


TICK TOCK Dave,just like me,i guarantee you will be getting one!:rofl::rofl:


You can guarantee they’ll make those mods?


In view of that, they would be bloody idiots not too!.
Would only mean Firmware updates, looking at it !


I’d have expected Occusync to be a version dependent chip … I doubt that MP can be changed. Always a chance the controller can do both, and a firmware update to the MP would be needed.


They certainly would be fools not to have missed that trick !


They missed the trick of asking me for development path advice … so anything is possible. :wink:


I am sure i read somewhere that DJI have already said a firmware update will allow the mp2 controller to be used with occusync 1,so why not the new one too?


Maybe we should offer our services in the “Future Projects” Dept !


You may have hit upon something once again @BrianB :blush:

What with Gatwick and tighter rules come November, there is every possibility DJI have seen that the UK hobbyist market will diminish rapidly post 2019.

And while they have their Matrice range they are crazy expensive and their price point is clearly aimed at the film industry rather than the emergency services, who have limited budgets as it is. So yes, they could well be covering all their bases here!

Don’t worry, this is DJI we’re talking about - it’ll take longer than that before it’s readily available anyway :smiley:


Count me in!:+1::+1:


Talking of future projects,wish DJI would make a waterproof drone,would certainly extend my time flying!!


And that effects the other 7 billion person market in the world how? DJI don’t give a damn about us.

… much like the majority of the world, these days. :wink:


After Brexit,there,i said it! will we even be able to buy anything from DJI ?


"Let’s flood the UK Market with drones !, sell them at the right price, they will buy them in the 1,000s !
Then, just before Christmas, and just after send a couple of our drones up near Major Airports that are completely untraceable.
Outcome: Bottom drops out of the Drone Market, punters are fucked, we make millions !.
Buyers: "We have been shafted, yet again !


They do…

But you might need to remortgage to buy it :blush:

Just to give you an idea of the price… £6,500 for a SECOND HAND one! With NO camera :blush:

And that’s not even the RTK model :roll_eyes:


But hopefully it has the other RT function? :wink:


About time they made something like the splash drone,MP3???:rofl::rofl:


IMO DJI has over 80% markey share in the consumer/hobbyist market which means saturation. So they’re obviously targetting the portable enterprise/pro market which this controller is aimed at. Hence why it’s not intended to work with M2P et al.


Well I’m gutted! I just spunked £1200 on an iPhone to fly my m2p as my pixel was untrustworthy via usb!!! I’d have considered this!

However I still think a phone is the way I prefer to fly, syncs photos whip phone out after flight and instantly edit in lightroom! Boom!!!