New DJI Smart Controller


Completely the opposite!, it’s the ONLY thing it works with !


Sorry, should’ve said ‘only with M2P/Z’!!


@OzoneVibe Dave, as the resident Litchi expert - do you see any reason that this will not be available on the new hand controller? It says that third party apps can be used but wondered if DJI could prevent Litchi in favour of there own?


Ironically, I have just got to get a new phone (contract is out), and I will in preference to one of these controllers get my usual Sony Xperia ( that will be 3 of them I’ve got!) Never failed to connect, on any of my drones !.


I saw in something today that indicated that it specifically retained the api functionality that would enable the likes of Litchi to be used.
Basically it’s an Android device - but it appears that they’ve not done anything to prevent Litchi and similar from being used.


Pixel was best phone I’ve owned but since Android update it started becoming very sketchy to fly with!

I once completely lost connection to my Mavic air while doing a commercial job! Had to wait for RTH!!! Lost faith after that!




They’re doing ok on keeping it up to date so far! :wink:

v.4.3.10 - Build 2035468


Oh, waw, just saw it too, looks great, but yeah like some said here, it will be good to have a kind of discount to exchange it with our main controller. :thinking: anyway, let’s see the feedback…


I get the super bright screen and some of the other neat features, but at £579, this seems pretty steep.

This would work at c£350 uplift IMHO…

At least with a iPad 4, you can use it for general stuff.

I also like the concept of 2 units for reliability. The only real downside seems to be connecting a cable etc: however I think I can live with that.

Should we call DJI and ask them for a group discount…



Hold it right there DJI!

WTF is this I’m reading?!




CrystalSky High Brightness = 1000cd/m2

CrystalSky Ultra Brightness = 2000cd/m2

So DJI are marketing this as an Ultra Bright device, when its actually only a High Brightness screen?




Well, that’s shot it for me !, new phone here I come !
FFS DJI, let’s see improvements, not steps backwards!.


Do you think that’s anything to do with the troubles they had with the CS ultra bright?

Shocking advertising.


Probably not? The CSU’s that suffered the backlight failing issue were only the late models, I’m guessing they changed a parts provider to cut costs there (which probably backfired).


They obviously got things a bit wrong a couple of days ago … another Go update released, already.
V.4.3.11 - Build 2035471


I mean the CrystalSky version of GO4 Dave, not the regular Android version :smiley:


I was being sarcastic in response to ….


Depends on contrat i am on EE i can tether mrs is on 3 she cant if she wants to has to pay more


Probably depends on contract more than provider.

I’m on 3 - unlimited data contract - but 19gb/month and 5gb/month tethering limit, when in one of their world-wide roaming partner countries.


When out yesterday grabbing a snap of the Flying Scotsman It dawned on me that I could definitely do with brighter screen.

I’d been hanging about in the air for about 45 mins (having to sport mode it back to the pits for a battery change!), it was a weird bright grey day. Bright in the sky but murky at ground level and with the brightness turned up on my relatively new / current Galaxy S9+ I couldnt really make out the imagery on the screen as it was too dull. I had to temporarily up the ISO on the M2P to be able to see what was what.

Also in that time I received a few phonecalls and messages too. Can definitely see a case for having a dedicated screen at some point. It surely must help with composition having 1 less major thing to contend with.

Shall see how the user reviews stack up for smart controller in the coming weeks and months.