New Drone #2 Whoop! Whoop!



This arrived today…

(And yes - that IS hot glue on the frame :blush:)

It’s a hoot so far!

Public shout out to @callum for being a massive help over the past few weeks while I figured out what I was doing, (ongoing :wink: )

Thanks Callum :+1:


Whoops are amazing fun!

Trying so hard to resist but think ill order when I get paid on Wed.

No problem at all.


It’s STUPIDLY fast on 1s - I’ve not even tried it on 2s yet.

Very easy to fly LOS but MUCH more fun in FPV - very confidence-inspiring, (infact, so confidence inspiring I had to get the ladder out and get it out of the guttering :rofl: )

The 25mw VTX is a bit weak - but adequate, (just). Obviously the Eachine Trashcan is better in almost every way…

(Better Frame / 200mw VTX / caddx camera)

But it looks like there will be no stock anywhere until March at the earliest!


I wouldn’t even know where to even begin to learn how to fly one of these things.


Fly, crash, walk, fly, crash, walk…

Just keep repeating that.


SNAP. got mine on Thursday. Had a late night sesh last night. Already snapped and replaced the frame.
Also got a caddx eos2 cam and trashcan canopy ready! Im just waiting on the trashcan vtx coming and then ill have myself a trashmob



Is that you sitting down? So you don’t fall down? :thinking:


Haha. I can stand up. I just prefer sitting recently. I tend to look down and to the right of me for some reason. Then every now and again ill realise im doing it and lift my head up. Once them goggles go on im in a different dimension lol


:see_no_evil: noooooo, I’ve avoided this thread for ages, anyway true to form I had a look on Banggood…sold out…saved for now.


Now there’s an HD version!


:grimacing: they must have mapped my DNA and know all my weaknesses.


How does that work then? 1080p on an Analouge vtx.


Still SD FPV - onboard 1080 DVR :smiley:
Caddx Cam :+1:
Upgraded 200mw VTX :+1:
2s / 3s :rofl:
Upgraded Frame :+1:


Onboard DVR! Thats seriously cool for a whoop.

I really want one now.


I’m now using 550mAh batteries - a bit heavier (12.5g / battery instead of 8g) - but I can get 7 minute flights! :smiley:

550mAh Batteries for Mobula 7


Love that idea! - where’d you order the bits?


Frame, Canopy and Cam from ebay.

Vtx from banggood

Not sure if you can get it else where.


Also. Im waiting for banggood to release the HD version. Cant even pre order yet.


Well the preorder is available now - March 25th!
Not sure if I want to wait that long…