New Drone #2 Whoop! Whoop!


Pre-ordered this morning. :call_me_hand:t2:
Yea i saw that at the top. Quadcopters and unmannedtech have it on their websites but theyre £14 more than banggood.
If they get stock first though i might just buy from them. Can always cancel the banggood as long as it hasnt started shipping.


How long did it take for the canopy / cam to arrive from ordering?
Unmanned Tech have the VTX :+1:


Right then, I bought all the bits from Unmanned Tech Shop and fitted it all together today…

EOS CaCaddx Turbo EOS 2 FPV Cam
200mw TX
V3 Frame
U.FL Linear Antenna
Mobula Canopy (They didn’t have the Trashcan Canopy in so I shoehorned it all into this)
Initial flight was awful! (Only got one in before it got dark)

The TX and EOS 2 cam work well with much less interference - although I’m still trying to pick the right power setting for the VTX, and the video was over saturated to heck.

However, the extra weight of the bigger cam plus the VTX seems to of broken it’s nimbleness.
It seemed to bog down a lot and the Zip had gone… I did swop it into a V3 frame at the same time - I had been using the Beta frame.
I’m going to put it back into the Beta frame and try again :+1:
More testing to follow…


Didn’t take too long for the cam to come but the vtx took like a month!!!
Installed the parts last night anyway. So damn fiddly working on micros. It was straight forward actually sooo now have a TrashMob. :muscle:t2:

New weight without battery was 32g amd the stock is 30g so only 2g difference.
Ive had a test flight in the house and it flew ok but i hate it in the house. Had it on 2S too because i couldnt be arsed trying to find the jumper plug :laughing:

Ive found some pids that work well if you want them? Although they wont help if you’re just flying in angle mode.
Also ive not found anywhere in the uk that sells them yet but people are upgrading to 0803 motors to adjust for the added weight.


I’m using 550mAh’s
so add an extra 4g per battery over the 300mAh’s :slight_smile:
All up weight for mine without the batteries is 34g :man_shrugging:
It’s got more than enough power - it’s just too heavy now - gaps I could get through at full tilt around the house are much harder now - it feels like I’ve gone from a Motorbike to a people carrier :rofl:

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Whoops are awesome, but there is an even more fun option.

A toothpick/pickle frame conversion. They are awesome fun to fly, fast, agile and have the added perks of larger quads with the airtime when inverted :slight_smile:


I need to build something like this. @MadMossy what is the recommended kv?


Depends on if your going for 1S, 2S or 3S, plenty of conversion kits around for existing whoops like the Mobula 7 or BetaFPV 65/75/85 series.

I ordered the Thug Foofighter from which I will be using my Spedix Rex 80 to setup. The Rex 80 is a 3S capable, 11000kv 1103, 12a ESC with 3" bi-blade gemfan 3025 props it should be a mini rocket :slight_smile:

Total cost around £100 ish, you can also get the Happymodel Sailfly-X from banggood for about £70 which is 2-3S toothpick style quad, or the Fullspeed Toothpick for £110. All similar performance. Although the fullspeed version and the rex 80 have more robust components rather than an AIO setup like the sailfly-x.