New drone above the Essex skies


New Mavic Pro pilot - from creative industry - photography and filmmaking. And a little bit of Action Man thrown in too.

Looking forward to my time here :slight_smile:


Hi @SKY808 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Loving the Action Man theme, please tell me you’ve velcro’d an action man to the top of your drone?? :smiley:

Rob, can’t remember if I mentioned it on the email or not, but if I didn’t, please do check out our interactive map of places to fly (and please do add to it too!):

Welcome once again mate :grin:

Which just gave me an idea!!

How cool would this little guy look being sat on top of a drone :open_mouth:

I feel another mod coming on…

Will check out. Dropping a parachutist has crossed my mind.