New drone better precautions

New drone arrives tomorrow whoop whoop.

Firstly im going to make sure I do the 7 P’s (proper planning preparation prevents piss poor performance).

Tracker going to be attached at all times, put a reward label with details on my bird, mod with caution.

One advantage is I can attempt a controller antenna mod without worry as i have a spare so if it works I can sell spare on.


@ziceman touch wood all goes well.
All mines have been goo so far, no major issues. still playing around, but using the nolimitdronez, software for modding… ( no affiliation)… easy to implement and remove…
take it easy… :+1:

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Congrats on the new drone :clap:t2:

I wasn’t sure if you would or not :smiley:

Let us know how the mods go?? Photos too please!

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tbh if I had not become a member of this site i probably not have been in any rush for a drone as its a expensive mistake to replace. I never took to the other mavic forum as it has not got the friendly homely feeling like a small community can give.

only person who knew of my disaster was my daughter as she was there at the time, wifey nearly caught me out as one our donkeys disappeared during the night many people out looking the next day and the delightful wife and others asking why not use the drone well it was pinoccho time saying i broke a leg and would not risk it lol. replaced none the wiser.


Awwwwww :blush: But that’s genuinely good to hear - on behalf of all the GADC members, thank you :slight_smile:

Uh-oh!! BUSTED :rofl:

Yes, why not use that drone? LOL :smiley:

Oh yes… that’s why… :wink:

Welcome back :+1:

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Dji mavic pro and controller (2½ hrs use) protective case, filters, tablet holder all for £600.

I would have never risked modding the controller, now have a backup I might as well make a positive of the whole situation.

Waiting on tracker and mount before risking another loss, im even going to get floats as in the past I’ve gone flying over lakes without a care in the world.

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£600 quid for a full kit that’s only run 2.5hrs usage?? Bargain I’d say!!! :+1:

Yeah I run twin Getterbacks over water for the same reason :slight_smile:

What sort of tracker did you opt for in the end? How will you mount it?

RF-V16 and the RF-V16 GPS Tracker Bracket…opinions welcomed!! Already boobed with the decal lol. A reward label arrived today so debating place in battery housing or on side of the mavic.

Seller was selling on Facebook marketplace for £750 originally then dropped it down to £695 I offered £600 he said £650 I said sorry £600 best I could do and left it at that weekend passed by on Monday I was desperate and started eBay bidding and losing out being tight arse I am lol then a message came asked I was still interested at £600, whoop played it calm and agreed lol.

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