New drone just dropped out of the sky

I’ll give that a try and see how I get on. Coverdrone haven’t said anything yet, I only put the claim in yesterday, it’s just my pessimism that is causing my doubts, very little info about the accident and I had a claim with them 18 months ago so they may think I’m at it🙁

And now I’m locked out of my autel account. No amount of password resets seem to work. I’m going to lie down in a darkened room then take up macrame

We can fly drones and you can do macrame :joy: :joy:

9th to 14th July 2023: Drone Flying & Photography, Macrame, and Patchwork and Quilting Holidays

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:grinning: :grinning::grinning:

Well I’ve got my autel login back, sworn a couple of time with Airdata and finally

Any ideas anyone?


Looks as if I could have flown into a tree but I don’t remember doing that, things happen so quickly. If I did Autel obstacle avoidance is not the best and no, I wasn’t in ludicrous mode

Sorry Pete but I agree, it looks like you were flying backwards into the trees

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Looks that way, my memory of it is confused as I was trying to stop a passing dog pissing on my camera. Maybe is just my age and encroaching dementia.
Ah well at least I’ve got someone to blame even if it’s myself…

Still think Autel obstacle avoidance sucks! Now does my Coverdrone policy cover me for idiocy :rofl: :joy: :joy: Probably not…

I think it’s the beginning of the end for drones for me. I’ve still got a Mini 3 until I crash that but no more. Drones were always just a method of getting a camera up in the air, think I’ll stick to taking photos on the ground from now on.

Have you been to the location of the crash to see if you can find it?

Unfortunately the location is fenced off and I can’t get near it. It’s definitely underwater though, I saw briefly an underwater view before it died. There were overhanging trees and I suspect it hit them then went for a swim…


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Should do otherwise what is the point of it


@pete.mcarthur I’m guessing you didn’t have the Autel Care insurance / protection on your Lite?

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Well that’s my hope…

No afraid not, I didn’t think it was available in the U.K.

Hi, shame about losing it, I did see you were doing about 22Mph and very low height, that combination and sneaking up on a tree would be almost impossible for the sensors to react to, far to quick and sudden. Although you said it is fenced off and you saw water on the screen I would still jump that fence and look, it could be in an inch of water and poss salvageable. be worth a try… Cheers

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Sadly my jumping over fences days are long gone unless a miracle cure for arthritis suddenly appears :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: I’m putting my trust in Coverdrone

The Autel Notifications are non-existent,

shocking that it didn’t even register the disconnect :man_shrugging:

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