New Drone to fly near Bath /Corsham area

Impulse bought Holystone HS120D Amazon prime day, as it looks cool & pretty, & described as ok for adult beginners. I’m total Novice so thats all i know… Was let to fly a drone once by some enthusiasts, ive hadit out the box paired it and calibrated, it said insufficient gos indoors, not yet been outside & tried a test flight, thinking maybe the golf course when deserted? Be great to meet up online or somewhere with people who know how to fly the thing😂…

Welcome Delia, I pretty sure someone else on here has a Holystone so may be able to offer advice.

That’s uncanny.

I just posted a video of my first landing ever in a Private field in Corston, TODAY.

If I could help with the flying I would but this was my first ever flight.
Google Holy Stone and your model or similar. Watch the YouTube videos and believe in the drone…it works. I set a 100m distance and 140ft height max in the app before I took off but TBH if your not sure take yout hands off, let it (or probably you) settle down and if needs be hit the RTH button.

Not sure about the Golf Course as it is private land but you could always apologise and run away if caught!!

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Great your flight went so well good idea to watch the videos I’m the type reading instructions is last resort but drones are complex for first time user I got halfway through setting up at home that’s progress & still don’t know if need SD card or if it will save the video on the I phone without one

The app will record the images/video footage but the sd card is the safest way of getting the ‘true’ video from the camera, video with no glitches. £6 on amazon for a class10 32gig card. It’s well worth it.


I have a mac mini i can prob plug an sd card into but its mothballed just now and i’m only using phone and i pad i guess no way to transfer the sd card files onto phone or i pad direct from controller? ( im noT v technical…)

I can’t help with Iphone, I’m just not sure but if it’s a later Android you can get a USB to go (UTG) lead. This can then be used with a card reader to read the sd card with the phone. The app will record the video though so all isn’t lost.

Thanks, so can use without s d card for now i guess? Not expecting much of first videos anyway, just want to get the drone working at all and see something , i will demothball the mac eventually, Think phone will only accept Stuff by wi fi Or mobile