New Drone! Whoop, Whoop!


This arrived today…

I’m pretty sure it’s going to end badly… :wink:


That’s INSANE!!!


I’ve been flying in acro mode in a sim for a while now - I have a feeling it wont be enough :wink:

How will I cope without RTH? :rofl:


How does it flip and loop? Don’t my DJI can do that!


Just googled it! That’s pretty cheap! £200 ish with controller right?? And I’ve already got the DJI RE GOGGLES…hmmmmmm… damn you!!!


It’ll probably going to be more like Crash & Burn if I’m honest :hushed:



My Phantom 2 flips/loops in manual. :+1:


Chap on eBay is selling one for £90 with 5 batteries (FrSky TX and a charger required to get in the air though)



Little tip, go straight for rate mode.

I learned in horizon mode and feel it set me back when trying to move to rate.

You will crash a lot, make sure you have loads of spare props.


Very tempting…


Guys, stop it !, I got enough of the buggers !!


I bought a package on eBay before xmas 3 racing drones loads battery and fatshark goggles only been brave enough to pay with the little whoopwhoop indoors so far with no goggles on