New Droner from Luton

Hi all i got the DJI Mini 2 for Christmas i carefully read the instructions passed the CAA registration process took out insurance with coverdrone and had my first flight 2 days ago in a very large open space took my time and it all went really well i cant wait to get the confidence to fly over water and get some great footage from this countries amazing landmarks. Any tips or advice appreciated and also any good locations to fly would be great.



Check out Drone Scene for places to fly near you:

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Thanks looks like a useful site :+1:

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No problem flying over water as long as you’re well above it until you are very familiar with the controls. After a year, I still don’t go closer than about 3 metre and even then I’ve seen it slowly suck itself towards the water.

Biggest fear would be it dropping in the drink,i will take my time and learn to walk before i run. getting some good advice from the Drone community much appreciated :clap: