New edition to the family

Hi every body just thought I would introduce the new edition to the family. My no has been and got it on with my some. Look what arrived today. Lmao

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Sorry bloody auto correct should read my mp has got it on with my syma.

That’s why there’s an edit facility. :wink:

Been on the go since 4 this morning had a really heavy day at work. Brain was only just on the edge of I and doing no more mode. Lol

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Hi. Just out of curiosity. What do You ise syma for?

I use it to keep the kids away from my MP. My kids love stuff like that. I took the cam off it to extend flight time and replaced Betts with high capacity ones so my kids get more use out of it. It was my first drone about 2 yrs ago then got the MP about 4 months back to be a flying camera platform. I was into my DSLR until my depression kicked in big time. Now trying to get back into my photography to beat the depression and it does help a whole lot😀

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