New flyer from Stockport


I bought a DJI Mini 2 last week after watching many, many Youtubers rave on about it (I may be a sucker for advertising!). I’m also a hobbyist landscape photographer and figured that a drone would help me take this hobby to the next level.

I didn’t really think to look up drone restrictions before buying it so after reading that National Trust and the Peak District don’t really allow for drone flying, and given their prevalence in my local area, I am honestly feeling a bit dejected, especially as I can’t really think of where’s good/safe/allowed for my first proper flight.

Any suggestions on locations in the Stockport/Cheshire/Peak District areas to go for flights would be very much appreciated!

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Pick somewhere quiet in the PD, it’s a big old place and you’ll be fine

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Hey @calisaurus welcome to GADC! National Trust don’t allow you to take off or to control your drone while on their land but if you can find somewhere nearby thats public access like say a public footpath thats not on their land they can’t stop you flying over their property :wink: Just remember to follow the drone code and you’ll be fine. Also try flying these places really early in the morning when no one is around to complain. The Mini 2 has been getting rave reviews from members on here too so I think you have made a great choice of drone :+1:t2:


Hi welcome to the drone scene, like yourself I’m new to the scene, I live near Romiley & fly a Mavic 2 Pro, not too bad for places to fly by me, having great fun with mine, drop me a pm if you fancy a flight around here sometime, Tony

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Welcome Hannah to GADC.

As mentioned above, whilst they do not like you taking off from their land, they can’t prevent you from flying over it.

Just comply with the Drone Code and you will be fine :slight_smile:

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Greetings from the Black Country! Stockport you might be in the Manchester Airport area, just check before you fly.

Hi ! Manchester (Withington) Mavic Mini Pilot here. I take mine here :smiley:

Nice and quiet usually :slight_smile:

Hi I’m a newbie too :grinning: just a bit south from you - South Cheshire and never had a drone before but went for Mavic Air2 Fly More. Not flown it yet but have set it up all ready. I too am an amateur landscape photographer.

I posted on a local page on FB and three people with open land near me all invited me to fly there so I’m looking forward to getting started over the Christmas break. You might try something similar? Quite a few of the horsey crowd have land but their animals confined this time of year so worth a shot. Anyway, good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Welcome! As suggested by others, fly when it’s quiet and you won’t have many problems. Peak District National Park Authority only impose restrictions on land they own themselves, which leaves plenty of options within the National Park.

That’s a very shout, thanks! There’s tons of farmland basically on my doorstep here, in a very friendly village, so I suspect I’d get a similar response.

Good luck to you as well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion - not sure I’m confident yet to go anywhere near reservoirs/water :joy: But I’ll for sure add it to my list of places!

Hi Buddy,

I am from Denton, theirs a few of us that meet up quite regular if your interested.
Let me know.

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Can your drone be tracked by the CAA from next year. Or is it only the case that you have to display your ID on the drone at the moment?


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I hope that never happens - and to be honest I can’t see it being allowed under privacy laws.

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Most of your phone apps do it already.

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Remote ID for drones is already built into many existing drones, and it’s mandated in new models by 2023. I’ve checked previously with the Data Protection registrar, and it’s not a privacy issue for them should you choose to own a device that blurts out a serial number over the airwaves.

Hello, welcome!

I’m over on the Cheshire/staffs border and was also disappointed when I saw that about the Peak District but when I started looking it up the general consensus seems to be it’s easier to seek forgiveness than permission with some things but take that however you like.

Good tip on the National Trust land, sneaky sneaky :wink: haha

I may or may not have filmed in the PD yesterday on public land. I waited (bloody ages) for people to move well away and it suddenly got busy at golden hour lol typical.

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Ah, the art of patience is something I’m yet to learn lol

Regarding your comment on seeking forgiveness than permission, I completely agree… in theory. In practice… I tend to chicken out. I need to change that if I’m ever to get some great/interesting footage from this drone!