New flyer - Hello everyone - Surrey

Hello to you all,

New to drone flying but have been interested in becoming one for sometime.

A DJI Mini 2, finally persuaded me to part with some cash…added a wrap to take it from boring grey to something a tad more interesting. A few flights under the belt has lifted me from 'Oh s** what do I do now’* to ‘OK, don’t panic’

Looking forward to gaining from the knowledge of folk on this forum.


I live next to the River Wey in Surrey, hence the name: Wey Drone Flyer.



Fellow Surrey resident here. Remember to add yourself to the member map.



I so get that transition from “oh sh*t” to “Okay, don’t panic”, my first few flights with my best part of a grand Mavic Air 2 were just like that, especially as I am notoriously bad with RC cars and really thought my drone would find the nearest solid object.

But once you relax, and get a feel for the controls, it’s so much fun and so intuitive flying drones, isn’t it?

Hello from a Woking based flyer with a Mini 2!