New from North Wales

Anyone from north wales know any good sites to visit with drone after lockdown obviously


Welcome to the club Philip :handshake: I’m sure there will be some members along shortly from your neck of the woods but also check some great locations on there. :ok_hand:

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I’m on Anglesey but in truth the whole of North Wales is packed with great flying spots - walk up the nearest hill and get it in the air lad, the views are spectacular above the tree line. :+1:


Welcome to GADC Phil. A good bunch of knowledgable lads on here.

Hey Phil

Welcome to GADC, I’d second checking out for orders to fly, and just chat with the friendly bunch on here!

I sometimes just go wandering on Google maps for decent local places, cool landmarks, or perspectives you can only see from above

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Welcome @PHIL1967 so many places over your neck of the woods Anglesey being my Favourite Drone flying spot, enjoy it :+1: