New from Swansea, South Wales - Mavic Mini

Afternoon all,

I found this site searching for locations to capture and noticed a few I’ve captured recently weren’t on the list so shall add some shortly.
Some great footage and information on here. Looking forward to finding and sharing locations soon!



Go for it! Locations on the Dronescene map gladly accepted and, if you put a few on there you get a natty little virtual badge and a title to add to your avatar - like mine:)

Welcome to GADC!

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First location added! more to follow shortly!


Shwmae Ashleigh and welcome to the board.

I’m just down the road in Bridgend and have added places I’ve flown and am always looking for more. So will look forward to your additions as and when.

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That silver one you have under you name? :smirk:

Welcome to the club Ashleigh. :handshake:

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Yes, the silver one.I’ve had for ages. The silver one hat you have only just got

@Dalling7 - McSteamy and I are old rivals. But we have come together to provide a photocompetition for the members. Open to all, please feel free tp join in. All will be revealed on Sunday 20th of this month :slight_smile:


I’ll be sure to check out what you’ve uploaded, my intention is to find somewhere new every Sunday to walk and hopefully capture something along the way so will upload more each week.

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I’ll check it out. Most of drone footage is video but I’m sure I can make a few exceptions