New House Build

So I’ve got my father in laws MP as I was having withdrawals after selling mine.
Buzzing around the garden today when I was approached by a fella who asked if I could take some snaps of his new build that’s going up just down the road.


Nice sharp photos there Steve, I would be more than happy with them as part of my portfolio.

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Thanks mate, they did turn out quite nice, the family I shot them for were very happy. :ok_hand:

One of the builders came and asked me if “that was one of those maverick drones”.

Lost count on how many people I hear call them maverick. :rofl:


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Is that actually your username :wink:


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It was more…


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What’s the plan here btw?

Mavic 2 of some sorts? :thinking:

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Yeah after a Mavic 2, I did buy one of ebay which turned into a scam. Manage to get the money back though my bank, luckily. Just not found a good enough deal yet. Father in law doesn’t use his much so thought I’d dust the cobwebs off. :ok_hand:

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2nd floor now in and 3rd Floor going up this week…

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Update on the new build

The guy designs and builds houses for people and has done for 40 years, this year he decided to build one for himself.