New in Dorset

Hi there. New (old!) girl checking in from the Poole area of Dorset. Recently purchased a Mini 3 Pro and having a lot of fun with it.
But I do seem to have two left hands when it comes to controlling it!!

Are there any flyers local to the Poole area who might be prepared to get together for a couple of hours shared flying to help me gain a bit more confidence with using the drone?

Thanks all.


Hi @Nikki-M and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!


Hello there I’m am between poole and Bournemouth by oakmead school so not far. There is a group trying to meet up at Slade’s Farm but it keeps getting cancelled because of weather. It’s on the 25th

Thanks Paul - yes, that’s not far at all. Ive just looked up the details re meet for the 25th, and it looks like I might be able to make it, subject to the weather.
Might see you there.

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Hello, and welcome to GADC…
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Hi Nikki,
I was on Southbourne beach this morning grabbing a quick flight in between the rain! I’m often down there - usually somewhere between Hengistbury and Sandbanks - happy to help out if I can?

Hi @Nikki-M and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Did you find the meeting info 0k.

Great area. I used to live on Alum Chine, and often go walking around Hengistbury Head. Went there a couple of weeks ago to fly around, but it turned out to be too gusty for my little drone.

There are some good flying areas around the bay near Upton, where I now live. Of course some of these options mean flying over water, which scares me even though there is nothing to fly into (well, one thing!).

If you are flying around Sandbanks / Poole and could spare 30 mins or so to show me some pointers, it would be good.

Yes, I read up all about it on another post. I thought the 18th would be good for me - until I realised it was already the 18th today! Derr!!
I will try to get there on 25th.

Next time I’m headed to the beach I will let you know! The weather is all over the place at the moment so it’s difficult to plan more than a few days ahead but since I work from home (Ringwood) I often fly on weekdays when there are not as many dog walkers around - (people aren’t too bothered about my Mini3 pro but dogs go crazy), or Sat/Sun mornings.

It got cancelled I believe although some may have still gone it hard to know for sure. So I hope it good weather for the 25th.
I fly where I live so I fly almost everyday. I’m also qualified well a2 cofc and half way through the GVC. I’m also with fpv UK. I also do work as well if it comes up which is not often.:+1:

Please do that. I also am available during the week.

I am trying to fly each day, but due to the weather this flying in mainly indoors! But the Mini 3 is a great little drone to fly inside; its so small and manouvrable. And bounces well off the carpet!

Lol yes I have the air 2 and the mini 2 both I fly indoors but I fly a little 2.5 inch tinywhoop fpv a lot more indoors. It good fun.:+1:

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I have never tried an fpv, but I do know that my reactions are way way too slow to fly one of those. I’ll stick with a drone for now.

Believe it or not I have the fpv set up for my DJI drones as well although I don’t think they will work on the mini 3 because I use Litchi app for it to work. I don’t believe litchi is compatible with the mini 3 yet.

As you say Litchi is not yet available for the mini 3, sadly. I used to fly with Litchi when I had a Phantom 3.
Can’t wait for the Mini 3 dsk to be released so that I can use waypoints again. Although the ‘new’ flying rules probably take away (for the better?) most of the advantages of using waypoints, such as flying beyond los!!!
However, I understand that when DLI do finally release the sdk - and this applies for all new releases of an sdk - that it won’t be compatable with the current version of Litchi, and that we will likely then have to purchase a new updated version of the Litchi app.

Thank you.

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