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Not read that anywhere do you have a link.

And the Mini Litchi is a poor man’s version, joystick commands, not proper missions

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Yes totally DJI has released a date tor the SDK I believe. Here is more info.


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As Monkeyass has stated, a release date of the end of August has been ‘suggested’ by DJI. It will be msdk v5, which I understand is not compatible with the current Litchi app which is set up for v4 (but maybe totally wrong here, so don’t bite my head off if I’ve made a mistake).


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Link from an official source ?

Hello from Wigan @Nikki-M :wave:t2:

Fear not, Litchi are incredibly responsive. They’ll have a beta version out to the masses within a week of the SDK being made available :slight_smile:

If the beta goes ok, the final version of the app normally follows a few weeks later.

If you’ve already paid for the app, you won’t need to pay again. You’ll just download the updated app via your regular App Store, like you do with any of your existing apps.

You won’t need to buy it again :blush:


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Can’t find any links to official gossip, but have read this in several places. Just Google mini 3 pro sdk v5, and lots of gossip comes up.
Of course, nothing is official until it has actually happened.

Until it’s on the DJI or Litchi site I won’t take any notice #notmyfirstrodeo

I don’t blame you.

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The litchi app is a one of payment and we get free update for life. Can’t remember what I paid it was about £20 £25 for the app.:+1:

Just remember (as long as you have the remote control sticks set in the correct mode!) the left stick doesn’t make the drone go anywhere - just up/down and rotate on the spot. Only the right hand stick makes it move.

Get that ingrained in your head first before you start mixing the two stick together to achieve greater things!

Cheers - Rob

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I could easily teach someone how to fly, but get everything confused when I am flying!
I seem to develop temporary dementia and, although I am fully aware if what controls do what, I think move right stick forward to move away, and the drone starts climbing!
Practice, practice, practice!

It’s like when I (tried to) fly a model helicopter - as soon as I took off I would get an itchy nose. Why did the copter crash every time I scratched it??
Thank goodness drones came along.

Yes correct litchi will not add any new drones untill the SDK is released its the same for the fly app. Just before a new DJI drone is released there will be a DJI fly app update as well. All apps do this. The updates are free for people that have already paid for the app like litchi. Hopefully what I have said mades sense.:+1: