New in th NW - Southport

Hi All,
Having bought my first drone one week ago I am new to this scene and of course Grey Arrows.
As a retiree in the government’s over 70 vulnerable group perhaps I am a bit long in the tooth but being a retired media specialist/advertisiing photographer/filmmaker I needed something to buck me up after months of lockdown.

I live in Southport on the NW coast and I picked up a Syma X5SC-1 on ebay which is little more than a toy but I am hopeful! As a retiree the tenner I paid is as much as I can justify and perhaps I might have a little fun. So far it hasn’t even come out of its box but the flip side is that I notice on this site that some members are struggling with video editing and if there is any advice I can give I would be more than happy to do so.

Check me out at and



Best way to learn. Welcome, and what a lovely place to live :+1:

Welcome along. There is no upper age limit. I’m sure you will have a huge amount of fun with your drone.

Welcome :+1:

I am just up the coast in Litherland and work in Formby. Plenty of places to fly along the coast :+1: just be warey of your proximity to RAF Woodvale and the microlight airstrip on the Formby bypass. They are the only NFZ in our immediate area.

Ps, impressive websites​:clap::ok_hand:

Hi Ian and welcome to GADC.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your nice welcome.
I know Woodvale and the microlight strip at Ince quite well having flown from both while training for PPL (never completed past first solo due to working in the Middle East). I also used the Woodvale perimeter roads when I ran the Keating Supercar media launch a few years ago.

I have a friend who is, like you, military.
Do you know Nick Stafford?
He is RAF and while his home station is down south somewhere he is actually based at Woodvale.

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The supercar media launch sounds Interesting!

I don’t know many members of the RAF they are far too good to mix with us :joy:

would he be a member of 611 squadron they are based at Woodvale. If so they have been very busy lately staffing our local COVID testing stations.

I used to work with a guy from Formby who was a member of a model aircraft club based in southport, I think they used the model boating lake as a HQ on Rotten Row. Could be worth linking up if your local.