New in the North West

Hello all. I’m new on the scene (members here a couple of months) but as some of you with a keen eye will have seen I’ve just picked up a Mini 2; so time for the introductions thread I thought. Yet to get out and fly it due to RL getting in the way but pleased I finally made the jump into the hobby; and GADC has been a great resource. As I’m already fighting to keep other family members of my new investment, I also picked up a cheap Tello combo kit hoping that will serve the family interest well.
TLDR; 40+ beginner from North West with rowdy family, looking for fellow pilots to learn/chat with.


Welcome to GADC, the North west is a big place :wink:

Mancunian from the south of Manchester :grinning: here


Is it indeed, can you narrow it down @F3Speech ?

Hi from Wigan :wave:t2:


Hi @F3Speech - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I could but I’m a little tinfoil hat in that respect, I’m sure the truth will out sooner or later :slight_smile:
Lets just say I’m further north than both of ya… :thinking:

Welcome to the GADC - the friendliest on the Interweb. Westhoughton, Bolton, here - happy to travel a reasonable distance to meet up and help.

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