New(?) Inspire 2 remote - USB A cable?

Just got hold of a brand new unused but no manual Inspire 2 remote intended primarily for use with an iPad mini as the package will be easier to use when on own rather than Crystal Sky/Cendence.

I was puzzled to find that there is a USB A connection attached to the monitor mount as in the picture. Not shown on any manual I have seen and can find no indication of purpose. IPad is lightning connection and Crystal Sky is USB-C and doesn’t require cable as mounted direct. I was just expecting to use a USB-A from the rear remote port to lightning port on the IPad so no idea of the intended purpose of the USB-A.

Charging the remote at the moment so not had chance to fiddle.

Any suggestions of the purpose/use for the connection. Seems strange to have something hard wired and hanging with no obvious regular use.

The USB-A goes into the USB slot in the back of the controller. The removable part of the bracket screws onto the CrystalSky and when you connect the screen to the controller and lock it in, you’ll have the power and video to the CrystalSky come on when you switch on the transmitter. If you have any problems, I’ll take a picture for you.


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Thanks @Hotrodspike. I found out the hard way! Unlike with the Cendence which I am familiar with as you say the USB-A is a required connection for the Crystal Sky. I assumed it was just a matter of seating it on the mount like for the Cendence. For the IPad the connection via the lightning cable works fine.

Correct me if I’m wrong but has there always been a USB-A connector on Inspire 2 remotes as I have never seen one “in the flesh” until now but I didn’t see any photos or mention of a cable in photos I looked for and don’t recall seeing one in the original manual.

Anyway thanks for you confirmation and its all working now.

I don’t know about Inspire 2 controllers, but there’s always been a USB-A on most other DJI transmitters of the same era, mainly for screen connection but also for upgrades on some. I should think the same goes for I2 ones as well.

Having looked at a few older videos it seems that Inspire transmitters with a mobile mount had no hard wired USB-A cable and you supplied your own. When they produced transmitters with USB-C mounts it appears they added a hard wired USB-A to the mount so no direct connection from the Crystal Sky needed. On the other hand for the Cendence no connection for the Crystal Sky is needed just mounting.