New Inspire charger

I’ve been after one of these for a while now, I finally crumbled and managed to get a second hand from eBay.
I might have even talked the seller into joining us here.

You can charge four batteries, both controllers and two tablets all at the same time.
The main reason I wanted this was to deep cycle the batteries properly.

@PingSpike, I’ve not long bought a 180w charger and charging hub that I might be tempted to sell if you are interested.


Whoa! That’s a serious bit of kit :smile:

Thanks for the offer but I’ve already got the 180w charger and hub on my desk and I keep the smaller (100w?) charger in the case.

Incidentally, the 180w charger, coupled to the hub still only charges open battery at a time, unlike my Mavic hub that can charge three at a time.

Do they make an ‘Advanced’ hub for the Inspire? (Like they do for the Mavic) And I’ve possibly only got a ‘standard’ hub?

Back to your charger, did it come with cables for those two 26v ports at the bottom? As they look like the same connector as the Inspire controller? (And the CrystalSky hub)

I do like it - not sure my desk is big enough for something like that though :smiley:

DJI don’t make a hub that will charge more than one battery for the Inspire 1, I believe Yx make one as they do for the MP and Phantom series.

I know have four hubs, the 180w and two 100w chargers for the Inspire as well as this new one, I think something has to be sold soon or I’ll need more storage :laughing:

Yes, it came with the two cables for the 26v ports.

You might like it and thank me for your desk not being big enough :wink:
Same charger but more recent in black.

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Indeed they do.

I’ve always been a bit dubious of these ‘blue’ chargers due to the whole earthed / not-earthed situation.

Shame the original hub doesn’t support dual charging, makes the 180w charger less useful…

So do the lights in your house dim when you turn that beast on? :smiley:

The earthing issue cash be resolved easily enough, though.

True, there have been enough posts and photos here about it :slight_smile:

The earthing issue can be resolved as Dave has said, I’ve never had any problems with the ones I have.

Not quite, just got to make sure I don’t plug all chargers in at once :rofl:

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I have two of them (Yx), had to earth the Mavic Pro one, just got one for my M2P and its already been earthed.
At least the manufacturers have listen to the complaints.
Had no problem with either.

What’s the deep cycle part all about then?

I thought Lipo’s had no memory effect and was actualy detrimental to deep cycle them like a lead acid.

You’re supposed to deep cycle every ten charges, I know the P4 and P4P are the same, I assumed the MP was too, I think it’s so there is no imbalance between cells.
All I know is that it should be done as part of the maintenance.

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AirData have these in the Battery Maintenance section.




Thank you @PingSpike

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And the best contact cleaner is ! :

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@PingSpike, I just found this on YouTube, I thought it might interest you.

Lol, and I thought I had too much time on my hands :smiley:

In fairness though, that’s a cracking DIY case mod :smiley:

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