New Mavic Pro owner in Stafford


Hi do you need to ask any one at German cemetery if it’s ok to fly


No @Staffy I have had no issues as the area I fly is away from the cemetery, I use Drone Assist and follow the guidelines, once they had a NFZ for 3 hours as the met office were releasing weather balloons so good app to get.


I’ve never heard a truer word.


Hi do you know of a good insurance company for mavic


Most people here with public liability insurance (I’m guessing that’s what you meant?) use either FPVUK or BMFA :+1:t2:


Hi to everyone is there anyone flying tomorrow on 27th at Cannock Chase


Could well be, would be my first flight :slight_smile: first day off as worked the last 7
Don’t know what time yet though ( make a plan ? )


Weather permitting I will be flying on Cannock Chase Thursday or Friday