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Hi and thanks for letting me join.
I live in Belgrano, Abergele. I have just bought a Mavic Air, although second hand it is unused, never flown.
This is my first drone and as yet i haven’t flown it i have registered it and done the 40 question test.


Groesawiad @jfc

Lovely coast where you are, looking forward to some photos.

If you find any good spots don’t forget to add them to our very own DroneScene

Thanks. I will start to fly when the wind up here drops and i get the courage up to try.

Hi, Im on Anglesey and you have some fine flying sites all around you there - go enjoy :+1:

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Welcome back to you too Ted.

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Welcome John to GADC :smiley:

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Was over that way in August.
Wish I’d have taken my mavic as it has some stunning scenery.

Looking forward to seeing some good shots

I have then Mavic Air - it’s a fine piece of machinery and pretty good in the regular winds we get in Wales. Certainly I’ve had stable shots in 25mph winds…

Anyway, welcome to the forum from a down South of Wales member and enjoy the beast when you get it in the air.


Hi John and welcome to GADC.

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