New Member - Bedfordshire

Hi, new member here (Michael) from Leighton Buzzard. Just got a DJI Mini 2 and yet to try it out; thought I’d say hi!

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Welcome Michael, great little drone you have there, very popular amongst members here so any issues just shout :+1:t4:

Hi you have joined the best club around :+1:
happy flying :smiley:

Hi I am only just ahead of you… have a couple of test flights under my belt. Have really found editing the videos has been an absolute explosion of possibilities… last time I looked at editing Videos was about 10 years ago… How brilliant all of this new tech(well is to me!) is…

Hello! I also have the mini 2. It takes a while to get a few firsts under your belt - first over water, first one at 100 metres etc… then you will relax into it! Enjoy.