New member from Cornwall

Hi All.

I’m pushing eighty which is better than dragging eighty!

As for my past and when I was younger as hobbies I did Bottle Digging, Metal Detecting and a short spell of Microlight Flying which was very exhilarating. So Drone Flying come close.

I first bought a Hubson 501A some three years ago, had a bit of fun with it, I then decide to go on a Christmas holiday flying from Gatwick when they had that Drone scare, having spent all day there (some fourteen hours) I arrived back home and spent Christmas here in Cornwall.

Because of the law changing saying I now need a licence I sort of shelved the hobby until I met a guy in the middle of last year on the campsite where I live who had a Mavic, don’t know the model, however we got chatting and without going into great detail he raised my interest again and I was blown away with his Mavic.

So I got the needed licence and went out a bought the Mavic 2 Pro and bought the Smart Controller separately.

I flew a couple of times during Sept/Nov happily until I found the previous problem formally mentioned.

I spent weeks trying to solve the problem reading, downloaded the manual, spent hours on YouTube to no avail.
Finally, found G.A.D.C. whilst searching online and within two hours the problem was sorted, forever grateful.

I know I have a lot to learn albeit slowly and knowing there is help out there enlightens me, I won’t be shelving this drone!

Finally Finally I live on a Holiday Park in Cornwall and enjoying life.


Welcome to G.A.D.C.John.

You are in the right place to find the answer to absolutely anything drone related.

Some very knowledgeable people here as you have already discovered.


I had a similar hobby called “Bottle emptying”!


Welcome John to GADC :slight_smile:

Which part of Cornwall are you from?

I live on a Holiday Park in Newquay.
Haven’t as yet done any flying other than on the campsite because of lockdown.
Newquay lends itself to some very good aerial views of the coastline. I can wait!

Thanks Rich

Welcome to GADC John :+1:

lovely coastline - my business partner lives there, so I know it well.

Next time I come down there and fly I will try and remember to send you a message.

Welcome John :+1:

Hi John and welcome to GADC.

That’ll be great :+1:t5:

Welcome to GADC John,

As they say, age is just a number,

I live near the coast in Suffolk, and find you can get some great footage early morning with the sun in the right location.

Good luck with the flying.