New Member from East Yorkshire

Hi, not had my drone long and have had problems with it already, one of the motors seems to be running slower then the other so it will not take of with out going to the right and smashing blades in. any ideas?

What kinda of drone is it ?

Its a DRC F8. i have done searches to find spar put also found out that with it being under warranty i can return it, so that’s what i have done. now looking for another drone that will be good for photography and also have on board SD card as i found that the DRC app was not good and kept dumping out.

Mini 2 is what you are looking for

Thanks ill have a look at the stats. sounds silly but i want one to film honey bees.

Film honey bees that’s going to be interesting will the wash from the rotors not disturb there flight. Now am thinking where can I go and try to film them myself

If you got right in front of the yes it would make them not happy, but with a little work and patience you could follow a swarm if you were in right place at write time

That’s interesting can I ask are you a bee keeper or just wanting to study them

I am a beekeeper