New member from Hereford

Good morning and merry Christmas all. I am in Hereford and I am looking for a safe place to fly nearby. I have had Sparky for two years and have got slowly more confident. I would like somewhere that is preferably flat that I could get my confidence and speed up at the same time.

Happy Christmas all enjoy the air safely.


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Welcome Kevin to GADC :smiley:

You may well find locations on Drone Scene which you have access to being a member here.

Have a great Christmas :evergreen_tree:

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I’m in Hereford, and I’m looking for somewhere to learn fpv (once the weather gets a bit better, and as soon as it does I will build my drone, it will only take a day) just been trying to learn on a sim due to the weather. I’ve been thinking down near the lugg, as I’m close to there anyway. The only places I believe you can’t fly are the usual built up areas and bear credenhill for obvious reasons, don’t want the S.A.S blowing your drone out of the sky…

But if you or anyone have any other suggestions then please post them. (Although I have got a feeling we might be the only 2 people in Hereford who have got drones…)

Yeah you could be right. I was also thinking about the Bromyard downs or the area by the side of the river behind the industrial estate.