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Hi, I have just got a DJI Mini 2, a major upgrade from the toy drone my wife got me to introduce me to drones for my 40th a few years ago. Looking for sites in and around yorkshire. I have my operator ID, took the flyer test although i technically don’t need it (I thought it was responsible) and last week decided to get some basic insurance to cover public liability. So far been enjoying learning to fly around East Leeds. Also looking for places to fly in Suffolk when we go there in the summer!


Have a look at drone scene. There’s lots of friendly advice on this site to help also if possible would recommend looking on you tube at Ian in London for some solid advice on drones, what can be done with them and what not to do for eg how to stop crashes.

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Hi @Truscom an welcome to GADC.

Lots of members in around the Yorkshire area, and in more normal times we meet regularly, keep an eye on the forum if thats your thing.

I’m born.bread and buttered East Leeds, now just across the border in YO8. Loads of very quiet places just a short drive from you.

Technically you do, it’s not a toy & has a camera. Enjoy the Mini 2, great little drone that squeezes in under the 250gm restrictions.

My understanding is that I need the operator ID but not the Flyer ID as it is 249g? it actually weighs in at 242g.

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You’re quite right, all this time I thought I needed both. I’d still recommend anyone having both in case anything added to it takes it over 250gm.

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Welcome to the group from another Leeds lad

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Hi Martin and welcome to GADC.

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