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Hello im from Nuneaton, i used to fly fpv about 6 years ago then died of the hobby for a few years, just starting to get back into it, would love to meet some new people to go flying with!

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Plenty of us around your neck of the woods pal. Myself @Steviegeek and @notveryprettyboy fly on the regular.

Be good to catch up for a flying session some time :+1:t2:


Hi Chris
I’m in Nuneaton also
As @DeanoG60 says we are a merry band of three.
@notveryprettyboy and @DeanoG60 are avid FPV freestyle fliers, I’m learning ACRO but also interesed in Flying Wings and probably spend more time building than flying.

We are hoping to be out flying this Sunday, let us know if you are available :+1:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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He means crashing wings :rofl:

Didn’t know there was so many of us around nuneaton! sure im down for sunday, just let me no a time and a place, atm im flying a home built racer i made myself just getting back into it, i have flown planes, helicopters all sorts really :slight_smile:

I’m currently at Hawkesbury disused golf course flying my tinyhawk freestyle 2 and my self built toothpick. Currently sat in my car waiting on my batteries to re charge lol

I’m on call for work but haven’t got any jobs on at the moment. So I’m being paid to fly FPV haha so that’s a bonus lol

You’re very lucky lol, how long does it take to charge in the car? i always charge at home, Hawkesbury is not to far from me, i usually go to a place near by to me in galleycommon in nuneaton but atm im running one battery so its quite far to go for 5-10 mins of flight time but if i could charge from a car, make life easier lol

surrounding myself in a fire risk :fire: :scream:

Yeah true, live life on the edge lol it’s a company car :rofl:

They are only little 1s and 3s 450mah packs so charging at 1Amp they take about 10 minutes to charge all 6 tinyhawk packs and 1x 3s 450/300mah pack lol

that’s a pretty nice setup mate :+1:

i run 3s with no less the 1000mah so guess would take me a while to do it from the car lol, i have more battery’s but there in the 2200-3000mah range, the dwarf my small 180 size build lol

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@Steviegeek has a car battery that we charge off in the field lol

I was born there, in George Elliott Hospital.

Parents lived there most of their life, but I never have

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