New pilot from Chelmsford, Essex (AsISeesIt)

Hi, I am a brand new, first-time drone pilot and I am loving it! My first drone is a DJI Mini 2, what a great piece of kit for me. I stumbled on Grey Arrows and DroneScene - fantastic and very useful. The first location on DroneScene I plan to try soon is Orwell Bridge near Ipswitch.



Welcome to GADC Robin - good choice of drone :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Welcome to GADC. I’m based in Essex and work in Chelmsford myself. They’ll no doubt be some meet and fly get togethers sometime later in the summer. Enjoy


Hello Bielzibubz, a meet-up and fly will be really cool. until then

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Hi there

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Nice to hear from another pilot in Chelmsford think that is now three?

I count three too, it will be interesting to meet and fly.

Many thanks for the email, I have a Mavic Mini and Mini 2

Some of the stuff I have done with it is here–QRKHQQShl2xQ

I had a quick look, very cool. Great Chelmsford snow video. Cheers

Take the Shotley road under the bridge.
Great parking on the left
Have fun

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Welcome :wave:t2:

Hi and welcome to another Essex member. I’m in Harlow so not a million miles away.


Hello Spideog, perhaps a meet up at some point, cheers

There are three or four guys on here who regularly meet up at the Dartford crossing but age being what it is I can’t bloody remember their names :smiley:

That sounds like a good idea. Like you I’m new to drones too. I flew last Saturday in Hertford - there’s a piece of land set aside for model aircrafts. I met a few guy there who had airplanes and a helicopter. I also flew Sunday just outside of Royston.

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Hahaha I know that feeling. Maybe we could all look into getting together at some point.

yup I am in.

Welcome to the club :grin: