New Prop Guard/ Frame - DJI Avata

A few days ago I had a bit of an OOOPS with the Avata. I suspect I clipped something that cracked a prop then mid flight the prop gave way and the Avata came crashing down to earth.

The only casualties were the offending prop and the prop guard / frame cracking.

I have been flying this Avata for a little over a year and this is the first structual damage I have had from quite a few crashes. Most of the bad crashes have resulted in having to put new props on but the Avata is built from strong stuff. Now I could have sent it back to DJI and paid the excess for it but I know the guard frame and the main frame are for sale on Amazon from the DJI store so I thought for £25 it was worth doing. And it is.

The spares arrived via Belgium in a few days via Amazon and you get everything you need to do this repair. Detailed instructions - replacement lock tight screws for all the ones you need to remove and they are all marked up in bags and its easy to tell what screws go where from the quite detailed instructions.

Total job took me maybe 20 mins with the right screwdriver ( lucky its one fits all )

So new frame and new Master AirScrew props on we fly again


First few reminds me of our flymo


Yourkie your not the first to say as such haha

A mate of mine said his lawnmower was cleaner underneath haha


Video ?

there is some video - need to just find sometime to edit it all - but when I do I will post it here


We do like a crash :wink:

Oh I do know that - we ALL like a good crash

This one is a bit of a meh as it was more of a mid air prop break I suspect. Need to check it over but there were a few bumps and crashes on this flight before it became terminal. Maybe tomorrow I will have a bit of time to go over the footage and post some of it here :wink: so keep an eye out :wink:


Here is the video - there are a few little crashes in this vid along with a few rolls and some high speed flying - it was just a good fun afternoon out with the Avata till it was all over haha