New recruit - North Yorkshire

Hi - New member reporting for duty in North Yorkshire!

50+ years interest in photography and, with the help of a bottle of red wine and eBay, I have just bought my first drone, a Mini 2 SE with less than 20 mins of fly time recorded.

I bought it with the intention of taking it to our upcoming trip to the Italian Dolomites but now realise that I not only need a UK licence (now done), but also an EU + others licence which appears to be a bit of a minefield (we are going through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy) so have decided to leave it at home due to lack of time to register and (more importantly) get some practice to use the thing!

If anyone in the North Yorks. area would be interested in joining an absolute novice I would be very grateful.


Hi @littleredrooster and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Good evening @littleredrooster & welcome :+1:

An excellent choice of first drone @littleredrooster :smiley:

Members in the north organise meet ups on a regular basis, keep your eyes peeled on the Meetups category :smiley:

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Hi and welcome

I’m based not far from Selby in this fine county.

Join up to @group-yorkshumber we often meet up for banter and flying all around the area.


Welcome to the group, I’m based in Leeds.

What Chris @milkmanchris means is we mainly throw insults at each other :rofl:

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It’s not really, go here LZ - Front page sign up for a free account, then sit the test for free.

Welcome aboard by the way

Hello, a warm welcome to Grey Arrows from the NW area, quite a few Meet-Ups in the NW and NE, join the Groups pages to stay informed :slight_smile: Hope to see you at a meet :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group.

Welcome to the group.

I’m a little further south in Doncaster but regularly get to meets in Yorkshire and the north west.

Get plenty of practice in before you travel and order yourself a few spare memory cards.

If you have any questions, check the search bar or fire up a post and this friendly bunch will be sure to help


Thank you for the warm welcome, and the LZ link in particular - I hadn’t found that one and it seems much simpler than I thought.
I’ve decided not to take it on holiday as a) I haven’t yet flown it, and b) I can’t just nip into the garden (or anywhere close) to practice as I live too close to military airfields and it is a restricted area. Doh!

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Hi @littleredrooster welcome :wave:

I live near Well, about 12 miles away from Thirsk. I have a Mini 2 and have done quite a few videos over the years, some of them on YouTube, example

You are welcome to take off and land from our driveway whenever you like - we live in the middle of nowhere, not far from you and the driveway is a big old farm entrance with plenty of parking and space so you wouldn’t be in the way of anything


That’s what we’re all here for, share the knowledge and help eachother out

Thank you, Tim - I may take you up on this offer when we return from holiday.

Hi, and welcome aboard.
Your trip sounds awesome. Have a good time

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Have a great time - pity you didn’t get practice in before you left

I’m in North Yorkshire (Skipton) welcome to the club

Hi @littleredrooster - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1: