New regulations announced



Blimey! The BBC are right up to date!

That’s a 5+ year old Phantom 2 with the H33D gimbal and a GoPro!!



Good to see that the rate of increase in reported “incidents” is dropping off …. and in comparison to the increase in the number of drones, I reckon that’s good!

But they omitted that comparison.




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That’s so old!! That came about after the smuggling of drugs into prisons that was in that TV program months ago!


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I’m very (easily) confused… I thought the 250g+ registration was starting on November 30th already?


where a serious offence has been committed and a warrant is secured.


There is very little that’s new really.
The exclusion zone around airports will be extended (what to?)
The Police can tell a drone operator to land immediately. (That’s so they don’t get charged themselves with endangering an aircraft by distracting the pilot).
And there’s a fixed penalty of £100 for minor offences. (Whatever one of those is).
Most of the other stuff such as compulsory registration and on-line pilot test had been announced months before ‘Gatgate’


Looks as if it’s going to be 5km.

I was always under the impression it was 5km anyway before the new laws clarified it as 1km a year or so ago.


In the Times this morning it says the exclusion zone will be extended to 3 miles… Surely this is for the big airports only right? I think that sounds a little excessive.

I am also yet to see any hard evidence of a drone being operated at Gatwick (that wasn’t a Police drone) but i could easily have missed it. I haven’t really been following all that much due to the complete shambles of an investigation.


Interesting that they’ve implemented new laws despite having no evidence whatsoever that a drone was even used at Gatwick…

I was bashing on the conspiracy theories not so long ago, but I’ve got to say this whole situation stinks and the lack of information is astounding.