New starter from Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Just a hello as a new joiner, I bought my first drone 2 weeks ago, a Phantom 4 second user and very pleased with initial testing.
Looking for places to fly, I’ve heard Carsington is drone friendly but anywhere in a 20-30 mile radius would suit me as I get more proficient with it. I’m not sure which is the best screen to use, the ipad mini pops up a lot on here, I need to get one as I’m borrowing an ipad air at the moment but it suffers with reflection in bright sunlight.



Hi Barry
Pull up a chair and welcome to the madhouse
As for tablet choice you will find all screens have glare maybe worth investing in a sunshade can be picked up reasonably priced or use an old amazon packing envelope and some sticky back plastic and make your own…


Hi @strega55 and welcome to Grey Arrows!

I used an iPad Mini 2 for quite some time, with one of those matte screen protectors on it to reduce the glare. It helped, as did a hood, but in bright direct sunlight it was all pretty hard to see really.

Carsington Water is a great place to fly, been round that way a few times now with my Mavic Pro.

Hi Barry, I use a Hoodman,a like bit dear but very good , if you look on EBay can find cheaper version?
I use iPad Air 2 have no issues with the sun , also have a mod antenna on my radio, can get up too a few miles out and up but I stick to the rules on height and distance.
If you are using IPad I only use mine with no other apps only The one for the drone.
Enjoy your time flying.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply, I’ll have a look at the hood and remove a lot of the other apps on the iPad if that’s best, I’ll only use it for flying so don’t need any others.


Hi thanks for that, I’ll look to get a hood they seem popular.