New (still in Box ) FPV units (x2) and FPV Goggles - [SOLD]

I bought a significant amount of equipment for one of my projects in Southern Africa and bought extra set of FPV goggles and 2 FPV air units in error . Due to COVID I was unable to return the goods within 14 days now DJI will not refund nor offer credit. Brand new still in box value new £809 . Happy to sell for £500

Free delivery too.


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Fair play, good luck with the sale :+1:t2:

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@notveryprettyboy you was thinking about going HD?

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Did you know you can share the feed to another headset so an observer, instead of watching the sky, can see what you are seeing?

£500 good deal that.

I just need a friend lol

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Only works for the Actual DJI FPV Drone with the V2 Goggles, doesn’t work with the DJI FPV Air Unit or the V1 Goggles.

Awww thats a bit crap

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I sent a pm, but I’ve gone off it now. Good price mate. My shares are tanking so need to average down. Buy the dips.

Are these v1 or v2 goggles? And would you be willing to split?


Iv dropped the op a message :slight_smile:

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James, Congrats on your Painless360 win :clap::grinning:

Soon to be for sale analog goggles lmao

Being as it was a ‘give away’ maybe you should ‘give away’ to club member🤔
I’m local :grinning::laughing::laughing:




Hi there

Selling as job lot. Let me know if you still wish to purchase. I will get it couriered to you


Messaged you this morning about these - did you get the message ?