New to drones, and embarking on a self-build

Hi everyone,
After having borrowed my employer’s drone (a fairly cheap Holy Stone HS700), getting my flyer ID and all that, I have kinda been bitten by the drone bug after having resisted the temptation for years.
As a maker and tinkerer, I thought it would be fun to build my own! So far I have just got the frame - a ZD550 quad with folding arms. The plan is to use a Pixhawk 4, throw in an 8000mAh or 10000mAh battery and optimise the ESC/motor/prop combination for flight duration, with the ultimate aim of doing high-precision mapping for archaeology (I have a background in GIS and archaeology). I have my sights set on commercial work in the long term.
So anyway, it’s very early days yet but I thought I would say hi!



Welcome to the forum John. Lots of advice here :+1:

I’m based just outside of Blackburn, for those who like to keep tabs on things.