New to drones and help with flying

Hello I’m new to flying drones
I have permission from the caa and are insured
Just wondering about flying and where to fly. Locations on the map, how do you get the permission to fly at the areas. Thank you

Hi @Fisher7m8 and welcome to Grey Arrows!

If you’re looking to take off from private property, you’ll need to seek permission from the land owner.

Most people tend to take off from public places - it’s a lot easier :wink:

Hi so you can take off from public places like parks beaches and places like that? With not getting into trouble

Umm… it’s probably not quite as clear cut as that :slight_smile:

Yep, as @PingSpike said, sounds doable but not in reality. Check NFZs, check the Drone Code. Check, check, check before you turn a blade.

Yes I would check that. All I was thinking about was the take off and landing part. It just hard knowing where I can as I didn’t want to be in the wrong

Yes you can take off and land anywhere that doesn’t fall foul of the Drone Code. Try and stay clear of people, not only for Code reasons but because you’ll get inundated with curiosity seekers!