New to drones and I'm shy! - Bristol

I’m not actually that shy but I am new to drones.

I live just outside Bristol, with a caravan on the edge of Exmoor.
The caravan is relevant as that’s where I a hoping to spend time in the air.

Unusually, I didn’t jump in with both feet but bought a toy a few years ago which I enjoyed but was so disappointed with the ‘HD’ camera I gave it to my friend’s son…It didn’t last very long! Neither did his Mother’s flowers and the cat has never been the same!

I bought a Holy Stone HS700D on an Amazon Lightning sale for just over £130. I did a fair bit of youtube/internet research and was impressed with the drone.
OK, I know it’s not a Mavic but at the moment I’m hoping it will either satisfy my desire or lead to bigger and better things.
Done the CAA Pilot and Operator bits and I am just waiting for the weather to improve a bit at least on the precipitation front.

Any way thanks for reading and sorry if you’re bored!


Welcome Keith.
Lots of like minded guys here. Any questions, or if you want to arrange meetups around your area, just ask. :+1:

Hi Keith :wink: and welcome. New here too and also a Holy Stone operator like yourself. It would seem that 95% of the forum is a Mavic this or that owner :wink: I went for the HS510 as its small and under the 250gm registration limit and reviews indicated to me its ideal for beginners.

This rain sucks. Only had one flight but hopefully tomorrow will be OK

Should have signed my first post with my real name I guess …Keith.

but Fred, Fatfred or many other things will get my attention ( I’m married) !

Edited :smiley:

Hi Keith and welcome to GADC.

Thank you all. I hope i will be able to contribute a little humour if nothing else. My main reason for getting this drone was to add to my photography and whilst the non damped camera isn’t going to be the best, initial shots using the app and pointing it at the missus show true promise. My DSLR is probably laughing at the camera specs but it would be totalled if I tried shots from 100ft up let alone 400ft.

Now to the weather channel!

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Welcome, I hope you get gust free blue skies soon !

Humour is always good and welcome. I popped over Wat Tyler Park again this morning for a little more practice. All going good apart from the sun and then…rain clouds came over, the wind REALLY started to pick up when at 130ft and the damn thing took off sideways at a. rate of knots without so much as a bye or leave! Que squeaky bum time and a frantic tap tap tap on the return to home button again. I’m a bloody nervous wreck :smiley: I’m thinking perhaps Autumn wasn’t the best time to invest!

Gotta love that ‘awww shhhhiiiii…oh no its ok’ feeling.
Good to know the RTH works.

My Missus wants one for me!