New to drones from Stevenage

Hi. I bought a cheap 4DRC drone a few weeks ago to see how I got on. I love it so have just ordered a Mavic air 2. Can’t wait to discover how different it will be and hoping to get some great photos. I’m a complete newbie and have stacks to learn. Hoping to get some tips from here. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hi Pete and welcome to GADC from an Ex Ware Boy.

Hi pete. I also had a 4drc. Mine was terrible how was yours ?

Hi Pete welcome to the club I’m also in Stevenage maybe after lockdown we can get together for a fly about

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Hi Pete,
Welcome aboard. I’m also in the 'Nidge may see you flying somewhere.

Hi. Not great but nothing to compare it to yet. Will be interesting when I get my mavic air2 :crossed_fingers:t2:

Different gravy mate no fighting with it . :facepunch: