New to drones

I am happy to join the group. I’m looking forward to learn from you.
I am new to drones. Just bought a new Phantom 4 Pro and I have to say,
I have not had a chance to fly it properly. Where can I find a good place to
practice flying?

Hi EdBrett,
whereabouts are you located?, I am sure someone on here will steer you to a nice quite place to practice your flying skills.

Hi @EdBrett and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

You don’t mention where you’re based so it’s tricky to advise, but we’ve got an interactive map of places to fly, check it out:

You might spot somewhere local there :slight_smile:

Hello PingSpike, I hope all is well.
Thanks for accepting my membership, I am glad to here. I am based out of Luton, Bedfordshire.
Thank you for your help!

**Hello Chrisjohnbaker, **
**I’m in Luton, Bedforshire. I really appreciate your help.

EdBrett Hope you have managed to get your Bird aloft since you bought it!.