New to droning

Hi guys
I’ve just ordered my first real drone Typoon H Plus Pro( so excited :laughing:)

I live in Romford Essex I’m looking for the best place to fly? Any suggestions would be great…

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Hi and welcome to gadc have a look at the places to fly thread. Should get you started.:grinning:

Hi @Turbys9 and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Pinging a few people I know that are around the Essex region: @Woolnut @AndyT @My-Mavic-My-Rules @Kimyfa and of course, @ianinlondon :+1:

In terms of places to fly, first stop should be:

If you know anywhere that’s not on that map, please do add it :+1:

Thanks for the advice guys.

Be nice to get to know like minded people in my area.

I’ll check out both surgestions…

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Hello & welcome @Turbys9

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Welcome @Turbys9 You’ve come to the right place

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I’m just down the road in Chadwell Heath, Essex Wildlife Trust in Thurrock is one of my fav places to fly.

Hi, @My-Mavic-My-Rules

Thank you for the location.

Have you ever had any problems there?

Has this arrived yet mate??

Photos please :smiley:

No :pensive:

I spoke to yuneec today, they think it will be here on Monday,

It’s the first batch with real sense in the county…

As soon I I get it I will post pics…

They dont mind you flying over there, all the people I’ve met while there are cool with it.

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Just realised it’s the new plus version you ordered. Nice!

Looking forward see some footage.

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@Turbys9 it’s this one, right?

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You’ve just got an Inspire. Stop dribbling and put that credit card away, RIGHT NOW.!! If you want further counselling, ring me, whenever you feell the urge to buy.


It’s that one with the real sense added…

Isn’t it a beautiful machine. :heart:

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Nice looking machine, but that controller :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s really comfortable to use. And the screen is really clear…

It probably is, I don’t know exactly why but I just don’t like the look of it, it looks massive.

Hi all

Update. I’ve spoken to the guys at yuneec, and my new baby should be with me on Friday. Fingers crossed everybody please :crossed_fingers:


Hi Darren, cant wait to see this monster, the controller looks massive, its the size of TV…wow…I wont be at the airfield his weekend, but hope to be there next…let me know when it arrives and if your planning on going over …