New to this - Brighton

Hi all.
So I’ve always liked playing around with radio controlled stuff. Cars boats helicopter etc. So it was just a natural progression to go into flying drone.
I was looking for ages for a second hand one. They all had listing saying things like might need new batteries or sold as spares or haven’t used since it crashed. So I bit the bullet did a bit of research and paid out for a under £200 camera drone. Yes I know its not a DJI or equivalent but so far I quite like my Holy Stone Hs700d-4K . Maybe if I get out of it what I want ill be looking to upgrade.
I live in Brighton and I’m really looking forward to get out there and record some scenery. But would you believe it, its been windy since my purchase.
I’d be really interested if anyone is using the same equipment and have some useful pointers.


Yep…better to start out smaller value job than crash a £400 job. :+1:
and dont forget to check WHERE its ok to fly—or not.

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No better place than our very own



Welcome Martin - enjoy the club :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi and welcome.